Septic Tank Repair & Installation

If your house is not attached to a municipal sewer plant, then you have a system to handle your wastewater collection, disposal, and treatment.

This sort of system requires a septic tank to maintain the wastewater and a soil absorption system to distribute the wastewater back into the property. Many things, including installation charges, tank substance, soil makeup, permitting requirements, and tank size, can impact the cost of a septic system.

Septic tanks can come from a variety of different substances.

The type will affect the price and length of life of your tank.


Septic Systems Types:


Concrete tanks are the most common kind of septic tank. The cost to install a septic tank made of concrete is in the average price range, falling involving $2,350 and $6,750. These tanks are vulnerable to cracking or separation but are generally durable for a few decades. It’s essential to have your septic drainage tank regularly inspected to ensure there are not any cracks or runoff. Obtaining a regular inspection will help make sure that your container is going to have a long service life.


Fiberglass and plastic tanks are less exposed to the rusting and breaking of the other materials. The weight makes it more susceptible to damage, and the tanks can change in the soil.


Plastic is a durable, lightweight, relatively inexpensive substance. Vinyl septic tanks, therefore, are incapable of rust and are somewhat less vulnerable to breakage than concrete. Still, since they are lightweight, plastic tanks can be susceptible to damage during installation. When the tank is not correctly installed, also, plastic can float to the surface of the lawn. However, vinyl may be more affordable than concrete since plastic is lighter weight and so easy to install.


Steel septic tanks are the cheapest and least popular types of containers. Steel septic tanks also have covers that can corrode, which can lead to collapse through the cover. If it should chance to erode, the covers can be substituted separately.

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