Grease Trap & Inceptor Pumping

A Grease Trap is a plumbing device explicitly designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system.

If you are using your machine to extract grease from a drain or any other high rate of flow area, then you are required to use a trap.

It’s not a great idea to pour fats, oils, or grease into drains of your residence or business because this can clog your sewer lines, which are expensive to replace.

Grease Interceptors are frequently sized at 1000 Gallon to 2000 Gallons for restaurant use. Grease interceptors are tanks made of cement, PVC or fiberglass that hold the fats, oil, grease, and food solids. The interceptor tanks are usually buried in the exterior of the restaurant.

The wastewater enters the grease traps or interceptors from 3-compartment sinks and automatic dishwashers. The tank acts as a reservoir holding wastewater, which contains oil, fat, and grease that eventually cools into a solid-state. This fat, oil, and grease are called (FOG) because it hardens on top of the wastewater. The food solids set at the bottom of the tank begins reducing the available volume and adding to clean-out problems.

Gash Plumbing’s large liquid holding truck will come to your food service facility equipped with a large tank. Our plumbing technician will bring the hoses inside the facility to the grease trap. The complete contents of the grease trap are vacuumed into the truck’s tank

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